Step Up and Stop Harassment

  • The Step Up and Stop Harassment Task Force was launched in May 2018. 

    Santa Clara Unified School District does not condone the mistreatment of our students. We hold our employees to the highest professional standards and conduct. Our district strives to protect our students in every way possible — from campus security to bullying prevention and mental health services — and every representative of our district is responsible for ensuring safe school climates.

    Task Force Goals

    Streamline and Simplify Harassment Reporting Process

    Based on Task Force recommendations and best practices, Santa Clara Unified School District is implementing streamlined and simplified harassment reporting processes and will endeavor to continually improve these processes. Report Discrimination or Harassment

    Provide Expanded Harassment Training and Education for Staff, Students, and Parents

    Based on Task Force recommendations and best practices, Santa Clara Unified School District is providing age-appropriate education for its students about how to recognize, respond to and report harassment and will endeavor to improve these trainings. Santa Clara Unified School District is providing ongoing and expanded harassment training for its staff, its students and their parents. Santa Clara Unified School District is providing support for students who report harassment. Santa Clara Unified School District will endeavor to continually improve these programs. 

Task Force Members

  • The Task Force members are community leaders including students, parents, staff, administration, and board members. All are committed to tackle harassment, discrimination, and bullying head-on and to recommend best practices to ensure all Santa Clara Unified School District students are safe. If you are interested in joining the Task Force, please contact:

    Brenda Carrillo
    Director of Student Services
    (408) 423-3532


Step Up Task Force Video

See something say something poster
Spanish version See/Say Bathroom Poster

Wristband Campaign

  • Wristbands

    The Task Force is proud to roll out our SCUSD Steps Up to Stop Harassment Wristband Campaign. This is a voluntary program—your children are not required to wear the wristband but we hope that you encourage them to do so!

    The purpose of the wristbands is two-fold. One, the outside of the wristband says “SCUSD STEPS UP TO STOP HARASSMENT.” The outside reinforces that harassment of any type (race, gender, sexual, religious, etc.) is not tolerated by SCUSD and the wearer of each wristband stands with all other SCUSD students and employees who are stepping up to stop harassment. Two, the inside of the band says “See something? Say something! Report here -->” The inside is a reminder that if wristband wearers experience or witness harassment, there is a link they can use to report (anonymously if they choose) incidents of harassment.

Challenge Coin Recipient

  • Jenna, Student

    This is Jenna.  Jenna stepped up to stop harassment on her campus. Jenna demonstrated courage, respect, and strength and received the first challenge coin awarded. Be like Jenna.

Challenge Coins

  • The Task Force is proud to introduce our challenge coin program. We acknowledge that it takes courage to stand up to harassers and want to recognize students who do so. Modeled after recognition programs used by our women and men in the armed services, challenge coins will be awarded to students who step up to harassers or bullies to stop harassment and discrimination.  

    The Task Force authorized 500 challenge coins to be made for the entire district. They are meant to be special and rare. Challenge coins are to be awarded only to students (and in rare events employees) exemplifying the value words of the Step Up and Stop Harassment Task Force: Strength, Respect and Courage.

    Ideally, the Principal should award a coin to a student as soon as possible after a student exhibits Strength, Respect and Courage by stepping up to a harasser to stop some type of harassment or discrimination. If appropriate, the student can also be recognized at an assembly or similar event, by someone reporting to the assembly what the student did to receive the coin.

    The person awarding the coin palms the coin and presents it by shaking the hand of the recipient who receives the coin during the handshake as the coin moves from one palm to the next.

    The Principal doesn’t have to be the one to catch the student in the act of stepping up to stop harassing behavior but can learn about it from someone else.

    The challenge coin should only be awarded to those who exhibit an elevated level of courage, strength and respect by standing up, for example, to their peers or adults who make harassing, bullying or discriminatory remarks or by stopping those who engage in inappropriate behavior.

    The challenge coin may be awarded to students standing up for themselves (not just others).

    Watch this space for Challenge Coin Recipients!

Challenge coin drawing

Our "Why"

Step Up and Stop Harassment Task Force Members holding signs with they "why" written on them.