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Attendance Matters — Tips and Tricks to Help Keep Children in School

January 2023

Santa Clara Unified continues to be committed to the health and safety of our school communities. You can follow our most current updates on our emergency alerts webpage.

Keeping Children Healthy

Families are encouraged to send their students to school as long as they are healthy. Following are a few steps you can take to help safeguard the well-being of your family and our entire school community: 

  • Continue practicing good hygiene, use of facemasks, and social distancing 
  • If your children seem anxious about going to school, ask teachers, school counselors, your medical provider, and parents for advice on how to make your child feel comfortable and excited about learning.
  • If you are concerned your child may have COVID, call your medical provider or school nurse for advice.

Establishing Routines to Improve Attendance

Maintaining a school routine is key to students’ academic success and social-emotional well-being. 

  • Maintain a regular bedtime and morning routine
  • Ensure students eat a good breakfast every morning
  • Check in on your student’s daily goals

Develop a Backup Plan

  • Create a backup plan for getting your child to school in bad weather
  • Check to see who can give your children a ride to school if you can’t take them or the bus doesn’t arrive
  • Tell school administrators about transportation challenges

We are happy to have your children back in school and know that together we will make the rest of the school year successful.