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ParentSquare — Increasing School and District Communication with Families

January 2023

SCUSD understands that regular school attendance and staying connected with your student’s school are essential for student achievement and our partnership with you. We are committed to promoting positive engagement, attendance, and communication for our students and families. One of the ways we do that is through ParentSquare — a resource for you!

What is ParentSquare

ParentSquare is a new form of school-to-home communication designed to keep parents and guardians informed and encourage greater engagement and connection with your child’s school and the district. It provides a safe way for the district, schools, and parents to:

  • Send and receive district and school information
  • Share pictures and files
  • Stay up to date with your student’s attendance 
  • and much more — all in one centralized place

How Do You Use ParentSquare?

ParentSquare can be accessed online or in your app store on any personal device such as a cell phone. To access ParentSquare, you can download the app and start by making an account with the email address or phone number you provided to the school. You can also visit our website for more information at                                                

Some key features of the app and the website are notifications & language preferences, photos and files, and the comments option. 

Log In or Sign Up

Notifications & Language Preferences

Once logged in, to access “Notifications & Language Preferences” click your name in the top right to visit your account page, set your notifications, and designate which way you prefer to be reached (email or text). can be set here as well for better communication. You can set your language preferences by tapping the triple lines in the right-hand corner of your screen, selecting account preferences, and then selecting “Language.” You can then select which language you prefer to see on the app.

Photos and Files

To access photos and files, click “Photos & Files” in the sidebar to view pictures, forms, and documents that have been shared with you by teachers or the district. 


To access the comments section, click “Comment” in the app or website to privately ask a question about the post your student’s teacher or school sent. 

Why Should Families Use ParentSquare?

  • ParentSquare helps you get involved in your student’s success and overall well-being through a partnership with their teachers and school
  • ParentSquare improves communication with the school and the district on how your child is doing and what you can do to stay connected
  • ParentSquare saves you time as you get immediate notifications from schools on topics  like attendance and have direct access to classroom communications or school services


If you have any questions or technical difficulties logging in, please email with a description (and images, if possible) of the error message you are receiving.