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We are Looking for Nursing Staff and Substitute Teachers

October 2021 

We are always on the lookout for dedicated professionals with a desire and passion to work with children in a school setting. Right now, we have openings for the following positions:

Treatment Nurse

What Does a Treatment Nurse Do?

This is a part-time position working with a credentialed school nurse to assist students with health care needs such as diabetic care during recess and lunch, gastric tube feedings, and more.

What Qualifications are Needed?

  • Current LVN or RN License
  • Current Driver License
  • Current CPR/AED/First Aid Certificate
  • Pediatric Experience Preferred
  • Diabetes Care Preferred


School Nurse

What Does a School Nurse Do?

With the aid of a health assistant, school nurses assist students and their families at multiple school sites to reduce health barriers so that students can focus on their education.

  • Provide direct and individualized nursing care to students
  • Assists students with managing their chronic health conditions at school
  • Provide interventions and referrals to promote health and ensure educational success
  • Advocate for the physical, emotional, mental, and social health of students
  • Promote health education of students and staff
  • Provide oversight of school health services to enhance health and wellness in the school community

What Qualifications are Needed?

  • Current RN license, BSN 
  • BS degree
  • Health Services Credential or Preliminary 
  • School Audiometry Certificate Preferred


Substitute Teacher

What Does a Substitute Teacher Do?

Under the direction of the school site principal, a substitute teacher plans work assignments, provides instruction, supervision, and training of individuals or groups of students in a school setting. Job activities include instruction of students in a variety of education environments including classrooms, learning centers, and other facilities. 

What Qualifications are Needed?

  • Valid California Teaching Credential or Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit 
  • Official CBEST Verification or an equivalent


Other Openings

There are many more positions available ranging from bus drivers and custodians to coaches and noon duty supervisors. Take a look online at EdJoin and see what’s right for you.

We look forward to working with you!