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Live Performances from Musical Students

September 2021 

On August 22, compositions written by Don Callejon students Irene Jung and Azul Amador were performed live at Sundays in the Park with Arts, a free outdoor concert in St James Park, downtown San Jose. 

Jung’s composition “City at Night and Amador's composition “ShipWreck” were both selected from 50 compositions that music teacher Cliff Rawson submitted to the New Ballet to be turned into dances.

Rawson extended and arranged the music to the length requested by the choreographer, Dalia Rawson — Rawson’s sister —  who is also the Director of New Ballet. At the event, the New Ballet performed original dance pieces to Irene and Azul's recorded music.

Below is a short video clip featuring a portion of Irene's composition, showing some of the audience, the dancers, and Jung and Rawson bowing on stage.

City at Night

In other news, Wilcox student Cris Nunez Lopez, a graduate of Rawson’s band program and current member of the Don Callejon Recording Allstars band, just performed a solo flute rendition of Amazing Grace at the memorial for Don Callejon Sr. The event took place on September 4 on the Don Callejon Campus.

“His [Nunez Lopez] performance was outstanding,” said Rawson.

Congratulatulations, everyone. We look forward to hearing more about your emerging talents.