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Celebrate 4th of July Safely

Celebrate 4th July safely by leaving the fireworks to the professionals

The personal use of fireworks is illegal. The City of Santa Clara also warns that they can be a concentrated contributor to pollution on our streets, waterways, and the general environment.

This year wow your family and friends with fun, safe, and sustainable ways to celebrate:

  • Host an outdoor movie night
  • Have a 4th of July themed dress-up day
  • Enjoy a picnic or fly a kite at your local park
  • Make a red, white, and blue snack spread
  • Plan an outdoor family game night
  • Have a backyard campout
  • Host an outdoor red, white, and blue DIY craft night
  • Celebrate with professional firework shows across the Bay Area or at California’s Great America

In a recent announcement, the Santa Clara County Fire Department warned residents that the danger of firework-caused fires is extreme. 

“Vegetation is drought-stressed, dry, and primed to burn,” said Santa Clara County Acting Fire Chief Brian Glass. “It is absolutely critical that residents understand the extreme risk of fire at a time of the year when the weather is hot and vegetation is susceptible. We know that one spark can have disastrous consequences.”

For more information about fireworks safety in Santa Clara, visit