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Don Callejon’s Real Life Super Kid

Don Callejon 3rd Grader Akyuta Batchu was recently recognized as a Super Kid by the Telugu Book of Records in India, not just once, but twice. Batchu broke the record of the fastest time for reciting 196 countries’ names continental-wise within 1 minute and 50 seconds and for reciting all of the American States within 27 seconds.

Check out Batchu’s impressive skills in action below:

196 Countries
American States

With plenty of support from her family and her teacher back in India, it took around two weeks of practice for Batchu to be ready to beat the existing records. Batchu explained that it’s always good to learn new things and that she practiced regularly by teaching her mom and dad what she learned. 

“Akyuta would teach us both different continent maps and would quiz us very frequently on the same,” said Nethra Batchu, Akyuta’s mom. “As we have been home and getting more family time we all would play some fun games and maps, capitals, etc. was also one of our quiz games.”

When she’s not busy learning states and countries, Batchu loves art, music, swimming, and dance. She also loves traveling and exploring, and has a passion for baking, and cooking.

Batchu’s latest project is a book that she is working on with her friend called The Missing Cat.  It is a mystery adventure revolving around a few friends, a soft toy, and a cat. The writers also did a few sketches for their book and are excited to publish it through Amazon soon and continue it as a series.

Wise beyond her years, Batchu says, "It always seems impossible until it is done."

Congratulations, Akyuta, we can't wait to see your new book once it's finished.