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Cabrillo Hosts Virtual College and Career Week

April 2021

In April, Cabrillo Middle School teamed up with Mission College to host a virtual College and Career Week for students. During the day, Cabrillo teachers were encouraged to promote colleges they had attended and to wear their college apparel. Teachers were also asked to share a story with their students about an early job they had before becoming a teacher. 

The evening events featured a lineup of inspirational speakers from a variety of fields such as education, finance, real estate, data science, social work, and hospitality management to name just a few.

Participants received some free swag from Mission College, including a “Future Graduate” shirt graciously modeled from home by Heidi Dang. The virtual event was offered in English and Spanish to encourage as many people as possible to attend and the school hopes to grow the event next year.

Special thanks to Cabrillo counselor, Maria Solorio, for helping to make the event happen and to everyone who participated.