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Supervisor Susan Ellenberg’s Rotating Art Gallery Goes Virtual

May 2021

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Supervisor Ellenberg’s D4 Arts For All sought out student art for a rotating gallery at her office. This year, she is seeking new art pieces to digitize for her virtual backgrounds. The theme for art submissions is “New Beginnings: what does your post-COVID life look like?”  

Each student artist will receive a certificate from Supervisor Susan Ellenberg. In addition to the Supervisor using student submissions as a virtual background, their art will also be recognized on her social media, in her newsletter, and on her County website. 

“At any age, art can help us reflect on the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future,” Ellenberg said. “I have no doubt the submissions from young artists will help us look forward to our lives in Santa Clara County post-Covid.”   

The guidelines for submissions are as follows:  

  • Name, grade, and school should be submitted to with the subject line “D4 Arts For All” by June 4, 2021. 
  • Choice of medium is up to the teacher or student (if working on submission from home)  
  • All art must be original, nonpartisan, and must be age-appropriate  
  • Provide a photo (JPEG or PNG file) of the submitted piece (horizontal/landscape)  
  • Pieces submitted should be created to fit virtual background dimensions  
    • 1280x720 pixels