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Principal Gets Slimed When School Surpasses $8K Fundraiser Goal

March 2021

When last year’s in-person walkathon at Bowers Elementary School was canceled due to the Pandemic, Principal Lisa Blanc decided that this year, she would organize a virtual walkathon. As a unique incentive, Principal Blanc volunteered to be slimed if the students reached a target of $8,000 — and guess what, they surpassed the goal and made over $10,000!

On March 18, staff surrounded Principal Blanc (socially distanced of course) to watch as the homemade slime rained down on her from above. Blanc’s attempt to shield herself using a shower cap failed as it slipped off and the goopy mixture — oatmeal, applesauce, vanilla pudding, and food coloring — covered her from head to toe. Check out the video for yourself on YouTube.

What an awesome way to show your team spirit, Principal Blanc. Congratulations to all of the students who participated and everyone involved in the fundraising efforts. Thank you for letting us share the fun.