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45 Classrooms Participate in Virtual Special Olympics

On February 23 and 24, Santa Clara Unified hosted our virtual Middle School Unified Special Olympic event with over 45 classrooms participating. This event was a culminating activity from their recent units of fitness, basketball, and boxing.  

Our Unified Physical Education teachers, staff, and students have truly demonstrated that even in these challenging and uncertain times, they can still come together and dedicate their efforts towards a unified goal. We are proud to say that our students and staff are thriving in the distance learning environment.

The students, both athletes and peer coaches, have worked very hard practicing the movements and combinations in all three activities. The smiles and joy on their faces throughout the event are heartwarming as they work side by side encouraging each other. You can watch the Special Olympics event for yourself online.

The district’s sponsored co-teaching collaborative known as Unified Physical Education, focuses on developing school communities by bringing understanding, acceptance, empathy, and friendships through inclusion. The supportive staff and eager students are engaging in fitness and movement activities through the program all while discovering new strengths, abilities, and skills.

The Special Olympic coordinators, Zahra Salari and Angie Scott, are excited about the upcoming Special Olympics events for elementary, middle, high school, and post-secondary students that will happen throughout spring!    

We are grateful to our amazing Unified Physical Education co-teachers for their hard work and support; Mrs. Emily Miller, Buchser Middle School; Mr. Ralf Cuadro, Cabrillo Middle School; Mr. Jeremy Advincula, Peterson Middle School; Mr. Alberto Tejera, Adapted physical education teacher.

Thank you also to the Special Olympics, the San Jose Sharks, and the San Francisco 49ers for the amazing partnerships to produce these events.