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Virtual Valentine’s Day Messages for Medical Workers

February 2021

With the help of the 3rd grade team at Hughes Elementary School, students created a 54-slide class project loaded with Valentine’s Day messages for our local frontline medical workers.

Knowing that this year, there would be no valentine’s cards between friends, no classroom celebrations, or fun craft projects, teacher Margie Wysocki wanted to give students an outlet to participate in the celebration through distance learning.

“I was searching for just the right project that would include kindness, would include our PBL core values, and would celebrate the love and caring that is the foundation of Valentine’s Day,” said Wysocki. “And, more than anything else, I wanted to send it out into our community. Who needed the celebration and the appreciation — our local frontline medical workers.”
The 3rd grade team created a Google slideshow template where every student would receive one slide of their own. Time was carved out of our tight classroom schedules to discuss the project with students and the brainstorming began. It was important to everyone that nurses and doctors were able to appreciate the authentic voices of our 8 and 9-year-olds so editing was kept to a minimum. Staff sent emails explaining the project and sharing their heartfelt thanks to Stanford Hospital, Kaiser, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and Valley Medical Center (including an accidental email that went to Valley Medical Center in the state of Washington).

Comments from the 3rd graders included: 

  • “We know your work is much harder than ever.” Katherine
  • “I appreciate all of you and risking your lives to save others and make them feel better.” Ava
  • “I just want to thank all of you that are working and risking your lives to help other people.” Sebastian
  • “I appreciate how you have helped our community, even when it means risking your health.” Xian
  • “Thank you for comforting others when they need it.” Kessler Sean

“Over the course of many years of teaching, this Valentine’s Day project holds a special place in our hearts,” said Wysocki. “We are forever grateful for the sacrifices made by our nurses and doctors. We hope it provides them with a smile and a giggle during this tough time.”

Thank you local doctors and nurses