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Young Don Callejon Author Publishes her First Book

February 2021

Last year, Aarna Agrawal, 3rd grade Don Callejon student, was selected to present her class project book — Amazing Frogs — at SCUSD’s 39th Annual Young Writer's Exposition. When the event was canceled due to the pandemic, Agrawal didn’t let her disappointment stop her. Instead, Agrawal went on to write and publish a book on her own and was recently recognized by Mayor Lisa Gillmor at an online City Council Meeting where she was awarded a Certificate of Mayoral Proclamation in acknowledgment of her accomplishment.

In September 2020, Agrawal started writing her book, Sarah and the Dinosaurs, and when it was finished, with her family’s approval, she decided this was the story she wanted to focus on. The next step was to draw the pictures for the book, which again Agrawal did herself, by sketching them on paper and then scanning the images on an iPad. From there, she added color to the sketches, made edits, and completed the finishing touches digitally.

The Majoic Bracelet Sarah and the dinosaurs book cover

The next step in the process was to create the actual book so Agrawal typed up the text and added the pictures using software called Kindle Create. The finished product was then uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). 

When asked who inspired her to write the book, Agrawal said that Mary Pope Osborn, the writer of the Magic Tree House series was a big inspiration. She really liked how two of the main characters, Jack and Annie, went on adventures in their magic tree house and this inspired her to write her own adventure series based on a magic bracelet. 

Agrawal believes that it’s important to build a habit of reading. She said, “The more you read, the better your writing will be.”

Agrawal is eager to publish more books to The Magic Bracelet series and has already started her second book. We can’t wait to see what’s next from this impressive new author!

Aarna Agrawal holding her book