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Mission City Church Donation Helps Pomeroy Families

November 2020

“Mission City Church has always been a big supporter and a great neighbor to Pomeroy Elementary School,” said Principal Chalfant. 

In collaboration with Mission City Church and the Pomeroy PTA, on November 20, Pomeroy families visited the school to pick up approximately 100 turkeys and gift cards, with another 140 gift cards being sent home to families who were not able to attend.

Over the years, Mission City Church Pastor John's vision of supplying turkeys to the Pomeroy community has grown to the point where they have generously donated a turkey for every family on campus. Despite suffering from a very rare heart attack earlier in the year — one of which has a 5% survival rate — Pastor John’s dedication to the community didn’t waver. His first focus upon recovery was to ensure the Pomeroy families got their turkeys. 

When the Pomeroy PTA heard that the church was raising money for gift cards this year due to the pandemic and of Pastor John’s recovery, they immediately stepped in to help.

“Pomeroy is very grateful for the community supporters we have and we were so very happy to see our families and students come to get their Thanksgiving meals,” said Principal Chalfant.