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Bond Measure Projects Continue

September 2020

The pandemic has brought its own challenges and successes to our Bond Projects program. While some supply chains and government approval processes have slowed down, we have also been able to move other projects up and accelerate their completion since our schools are closed to students and we don't have to wait for winter and summer breaks to complete them.

Some recent highlights:

  • Our taxpayers have saved almost $790 million because of smart cost mitigation strategies and active bond stewardship.
  • The three new schools on our Agnews Campus are on track to complete on time, with the elementary and middle schools opening in August 2021 and the high school in August 2022. Community-building events for the elementary and middle schools will begin early next year.
  • The new school at our Patrick Henry campus is on track and community outreach for that project will begin later this fall.
  • New play and shade structures, security fencing and gates, and paving projects at most of our elementary schools will be complete this school year.
  • New synthetic turf fields in our high school stadiums are complete and practice fields will complete next month.
  • The new tennis courts at Buchser Middle School are complete.

More: Read our bond director's report and our financial firm's report to the Board of Trustees from their September 10 meeting for more details, photos, and charts.