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Schools Recognized for Outstanding Contribution of Support and Care During COVID-19

August 2020

“Your heroic efforts to provide support of all kinds to California’s students, families, and communities did not go unnoticed,” said the California PBIS Coalition (CPC) in an email announcement.

This month, many schools across California were recognized by the CPC for their outstanding contribution of support and care during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting disruptions to schools. Here are the schools in our district that were acknowledged:

  • Bracher Elementary School
  • Kathryn Hughes Elementary School
  • Laurelwood Elementary School
  • Montague Elementary School
  • Pomeroy Elementary School
  • Ponderosa Elementary School
  • Scott Lane Elementary School
  • Westwood Elementary School
  • Don Callejon School
  • Wilson High School

In recognition of this honor, each school’s name will be displayed on the California PBIS Coalition webpage and schools will be provided with an official electronic emblem to highlight their successes.

“We sincerely appreciate your support and commitment to provide positive experiences to our students, families, and community,” said the CPC in a recent acknowledgment letter.

This one-year-only “California PBIS Community Cares” acknowledgment was created to recognize the positive impacts schools are playing in the lives of California’s students, families, and communities. Learn more on the CPC website.

Congratulations everyone, keep up the great work. We appreciate everything you do and you make us #SCUSDproud.


Congratulations 2020 PBIS Community Cares