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2020 Public School Week Award Winners Announced

In an ideal world, we would have celebrated Public Schools Month (April), and National Volunteer Week with an in-person ceremony dedicated to our exceptional student and community volunteers for their ongoing efforts to make our schools a better place to learn. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, we were not able to do that this year so instead, we put together a virtual ceremony to honor the members of our district community that go above and beyond. 

Public School Week Awards Virtual Ceremony

As a district, our goal is to highlight the vital contributions that these volunteers provide to support student success and promote 21st Century learning. 

Each year, two student volunteers and one adult volunteer are nominated by their school sites based on their significant volunteer efforts, on and off campus. Only 52 out of 15,500 students and 27 adult volunteers out of 13,000 families in the district receive this award each year, making it a highly prestigious achievement. 

The nominees recognized this year were:


First Name

Last Name


Bowers Riley Murillo Student
Bowers Veronica Darknell Student
Bowers Chris Webb Volunteer
Bracher Ayessa Greco Student
Bracher Cole Wissink Student
Bracher Elise Laffosse Volunteer
Braly Annie Lefkowitz Volunteer
Braly Christian Zeledon Student
Braly Cierra Hagan Student
Briarwood Jessica Hancock Volunteer
Briarwood Neil Tendulkar Student
Briarwood Elizabeth Kuh Student
Central Park Drew Madriaga Student
Central Park Grace Shelby Student
Central Park Therese Inkmann-Sulur Volunteer
Haman Kiana Everett Student
Haman Alexander Nguyen Student
Haman Nicole Faria Volunteer
Hughes Carson Balmonte Student
Hughes Andrea Ruvalcaba Student
Hughes Kendra Ray Volunteer
Laurelwood Mary Klenk Volunteer
Laurelwood Emma Smith Student
Laurelwood Kaden Yoo Student
Mayne Luzbella "Lucy" Alvarez Student
Mayne Matthew "Matt" Turnow Student
Mayne Peng Peng Saw Volunteer
Millikin Terry Park Volunteer
Millikin Shrikha Gopisetti Student
Millikin James Carson Student
Montague Sofia Helene Mabanta Student
Montague Steven Tran Student
Montague Gisela Cortes Volunteer
Pomeroy Vikram Atmuri Student
Pomeroy Quynh To Student
Pomeroy Sharlene Madanes Volunteer
Ponderosa Samarth Chakrabhavi Student
Ponderosa Karen Nguyen Student
Ponderosa Laura Pierce Volunteer
Scott Lane Ely Fernandez Student
Scott Lane Kathleen Garnica Student
Scott Lane Shruthi Kapukar Volunteer
Sutter Mia Obico Student
Sutter Patrick Murgallis Student
Sutter Krishna Kotikalapudi Volunteer
Washington Open Caylie Leiwes Student
Washington Open Kainoa Wong Student
Washington Open Elisha Gargiulo. Volunteer
Westwood Jacob Hardin Student
Westwood Bella Yao Student
Westwood Cathy Silva Volunteer
Don Callejon Jaylynn Ponn Student
Don Callejon Navneeth Krishna Student
Don Callejon Maureen Chu Volunteer
Buchser Franchesca Casis Student
Buchser Asher Dubin Student
Buchser Anne Kepner Volunteer
Cabrillo Katherine Brizuela Student
Cabrillo Luis Valdes Student
Cabrillo Krista Browne Volunteer
Peterson Rachna Bhatt Volunteer
Peterson Lakshita Kutnikar Student
Peterson Lucas Yi Student
Mission Chaziel O'Neal Student
Mission Kea Joaquin Student
New Valley Original Vega Student
New Valley Angelique Holguin Student
New Valley N/A N/A Volunteer
Santa Clara Jonathan Vergonio Student
Santa Clara Areiah Malonzo Student
Santa Clara Maureen Medeiros Volunteer
Wilcox Allyson Yi Student
Wilcox Vincent Kloes Student
Wilcox Jolene Soares Volunteer
Wilson Vanessa Hernandez Student
Wilson Deborah Allen Volunteer