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Safe Routes to School Poster Contest Winners

May 2020

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the Santa Clara Safe Routes to School Traffic Safety Poster Contest!

  • Bowers Elementary Schoool — Camila Silva Meveiros, grade 1
  • Bracher Elementary School — Carrisa Cheang, grade 2
  • Briarwood Elementary School — Sherry Jensen, grade 5
  • Buchser Middle School — Amelia Tai, grade 8
  • Cabrillo Middle School — Martyna Sobozyk, grade 7
  • Central Park Elementary School — Mayra Singh, grade 1
  • Hughes Elementary School — Ruchi Gharpure, grade 3
  • Laurelwood Elementary School — Jeevith Udhayakumar, grade 1
  • Millikin Basics+ Elementary School — Sahil Vora, grade K
  • Montague Elementary School — Victoria (Harim) Oh, grade 5
  • Scott Lane Elementary School — Ulysses Sanchez, grade 

In order to enter the contest, students in elementary and middle schools across the district were invited to create a poster illustrating one of the five safety messages below:

  • Always wear a helmet when riding your bike or scooter
  • Cross the street at the crosswalk
  • Always make eye contact with the drivers when crossing the street
  • Look all four ways before you cross:  left, right, front, and back
  • Don’t talk or text on your phone when crossing the street (put those headphones away too)

The winning poster from each of the participating schools will be featured on the school’s next Walk & Roll to School Day flyer, incorporated into a school calendar, and shared with our staff and families.

For more information about Bike to School Day Vist the Walk and Bike to School website.

Bowers Elementary School

Bowers poster

Bracher Elementary School

Bracher Poster

Briarwood Elementary School

Briarwood Poster

Buchser Elementary School

Buchser Poster

Cabrillo Middle School

Cabrillo Poster

Central Park Elementary School

Central Park Poster

Hughes Elementary School

Hughes Poster

Laurelwood Elementary School

Laurelwood Poster

Millikin Elementary School

Millikin Poster

Montague Elementary School

Montague Poster

Scott Lane Elementary School

Scott Lane Poster