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Don Callejon Students Learn About the Civil Rights Movement

January 2020

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 21, Don Callejon students in teacher Melissa Le’s kindergarten class reenacted what can only be described as a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement — Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

In brief, here is how the story goes — after a long day’s work, a tired seamstress named Rosa Parks takes the bus home, being careful not to sit in the “whites only” seating section. When the bus fills and no seats are open, Parks and other passengers in her row are abruptly told by the bus driver to give up their seats so that the white passengers can sit down. Upon politely refusing to do so, Parks was arrested for violating segregation laws. Word of her arrest spread and came to the attention of her friend and longtime civil rights leader Mr. E.D. Nixon who, after bailing her out of jail, set the wheels in motion to boycott the busses in Montgomery with Martin Luther King Jr. as the voice of the boycott. 

Students chose the roles that they wanted to play as part of the class’ social studies and theater standards. Le acknowledges that the reenactment is not completely accurate and encourages people to read about the real story of Rosa Parks and what she represents to the civil rights movement. 

“I’m very proud of our young kinders for understanding such a topic at an early age,” said Le.  “It gives me hope for future generations.”

Check out the video online to see our budding actors and actresses in action.