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The Great Kindness Challenge

January 2020

The last week of January marked this year’s official 2020 Great Kindness Challenge week — and what a spectacular week it was! Schools from across our district participated in the challenge with the goal of cultivating a culture of kindness.

Students were “challenged” to perform as many good deeds as possible in one week. Here are just a few ways that students went above and beyond their normal kind deeds to help others:

  • Smiling at 25 people
  • Complimenting 5 people
  • Lending a pencil to a friend
  • Helping someone who falls down
  • Drawing a picture for someone
  • Offering to help a custodian
  • And much, much more

Students had a checklist giving them ideas as to how they could be kind to others and were also encouraged by staff to create their own good deeds. \

Great job, everyone! What a proactive way to discourage bullying and encourage positive behaviors at the same time. Just because the official week is over doesn’t mean you missed out —  visit The Great Kindness Challenge website to find out how to get your checklist to participate. 

The Great Kindness Challenge