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Staff Spotlight: Maintenance Department

November 2019

Birthdays and anniversaries are important opportunities to take stock, reflect, and make improvements. This is true for the Bryan Osborne Nature Area as we celebrate its 50th anniversary on November 2.

Over the last several weeks, improvements have been underway to help remove the years from the nature area’s boardwalk, storage sheds, and pathways culminating in a volunteer beautification project day with NVIDIA, a local tech company. 

The improvement projects were successful thanks to the maintenance department's commitment to excellence and teamwork. On behalf of the students, teachers, and community members that will continue to benefit from using the nature area for the next 50 years to come, we offer some special kudos to everyone that made this possible. Thank you to Maintenance Tradesmen Paul Derenia and Dennis Hall for their woodworking skills, passion, and positivity. Thank you to Maintenance Lead Nelio DeFreitas for his project supervision and crew selection. Thank you to Director James Bakos and Maintenance Manager Eugene Soares for their ongoing support and commitment. And last, but not least, thank you to Kelly-Moore Paint for donating the paint supplies in support of the improvement project.

View some great photos of the team on Flickr and video highlights from their recognition below.

Maintenance department staff