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Why MECHS? A Student’s Perspective

October 2019

Mission Early College High School’s (MECHS) ASB Commissioner of Publicity Jeness Vargas and other leadership students wanted to profile a new student at MECHS to find out why they chose to transfer to the school. 

Junior Batool Muhammed — who is currently taking 14 units of college classes — agreed to be interviewed and we are sharing the interview and more details about MECHS below. 

How did you hear about MECHS and why did you decide to transfer?

I actually didn’t hear about MECHS, I knew about Middle College because my older brother and sister did it and I also have a lot of friends here. The reason why I decided to transfer was because I want to finish school [college] faster.

Other than being in college, how is MECHS different from your previous school? 

It is definitely more time consuming, the high school classes are more intense. At the same time, I feel more independent and mature. I get to choose my schedule, my classes, and what time I get out and come back.

Were there any worries before you started classes, and were any of them resolved?

I was worried about the [college] professors because a lot of people make it seem that professors don’t help you and that you have to do everything by yourself. That worry went away the first day of classes, I could tell that my professors and the staff from MECHS genuinely want us to succeed. Also, before I started the program I was actually questioning whether or not I made the right decision, but when my classes started that all changed because I really do feel more in control of my life. 

Have there been any positive changes you have noticed of yourself?

Definitely! I’ve become more of a hard worker and I am learning how to manage my time which has motivated me to do better in school. 

Mission Early College High School is a dual enrollment program located on the Mission College campus in Santa Clara, CA, and is an innovative partnership between Santa Clara Unified School District and West Valley-Mission Community College District. This innovative school blends high school and college into a coherent educational program, and provides an exceptional opportunity for students of SCUSD to earn a high school diploma and up to two years of college credit in three years or less.