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Lunch with Assemblymember Kansen Chu

July 2019

This summer, Santa Clara Unified took part in the Seamless Summer meal program. The program ensures that all students are fed free nutritious meals, even when our schools are out for the summer. Kids under the age of 18 and all individuals with a state-defined mental or physical disability were invited to participate.

Many locations throughout our community hosted the meal program, including seven of our own campuses. Over the course of the summer, we were also able to serve the students of St. Claire School.

This isn't the first year that Santa Clara Unified participated in the program, but this year, in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank, we added a new venue — Mission Branch Library.

Thanks to a generous grant, we were able to also offer free meals to adults as an incentive to encourage more families to attend. This is vital because, despite the fact that the meals are free, these programs are often underutilized.

On July 12, visitors to the Mission Branch Library got to enjoy a special lunch with Assemblymember Kansen Chu. “As we pour more and more money into education, I don’t believe that kids can learn on an empty stomach,” Chu told the Silicon Valley Voice. 

With this special funding, SCUSD has served over 6,200 children and over 1,000 adults. As an added benefit, the library is reporting over 1,000 new library members this summer. Our gratitude goes out to our partners for this program — Mission Branch Library Program Coordinator Justin Wasterlain, and Manager of School Breakfast & Out-of-School Time Meals Marie E. Pfeiffer.