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Board Briefs: Highlights from the September 12 Board Meeting

In an effort to keep the community up-to-date and informed of actions by the Board of Trustees, we will share Board Briefs following regular board meetings. These are not minutes or a transcript, but highlights from select agenda items of interest. We hope you find Board Briefs helpful.

Review the full agenda to see the full slate of agenda items, presentations, and documents.

Recognition of Callejon Student Aryav Ahuja


The board honored Don Callejon student Aryav Ahuja for being nominated to become part of an esteemed group of writers whose books will be published. Aryav submitted his book, Tibetan People Love YVONNE, as part of the Footsteps2Brilliance National Writing Challenge where the students were encouraged to write a book over their Winter Break. The winner’s books will be placed on an online bookshelf for other students to read and learn from within the Footsteps2Brilliance program. 

The City of Santa Clara, in partnership with Santa Clara Unified School District, has been a Model Innovation City in its citywide and districtwide implementation of Footsteps2Brilliance, an online early literacy learning resource.

As of now, the student-authored Footsteps2Brilliance bookshelf has 10 books on it and Aryav’s book is one of them!

Check out these adorable photos of Aryav.

Approval of the Updated Board Governance Handbook

This document reflects the governance team’s work on the creation of a framework for effective governance. The Board met at their Annual Board Retreat on August 6, 2019 to review and update their Governance Handbook. This process involves ongoing discussions and agreements about unity of purpose, roles, responsibilities, norms and protocols that enable the governance team to continue to perform its responsibilities in a way that best benefits all children. Updated SCUSD Board Governance Handbook 2019-2020

Strategic Planning

The district’s current strategic plan, Rising Above in Silicon Valley!, expires at the end of this school year. The Board of Trustees and Superintendent Kemp are preparing to lead the community through a year of strategic planning work to develop and launch our new strategic plan in fall 2020. 

The board considered a proposal from Prospect Studio, a strategic planning consulting firm. The proposal will come back to the board for consideration at a future meeting. Prospect Studio Strategic Planning Presentation

Resolution to Support the Santa Clara Parade of Champions

The Santa Clara Parade of Champions was a time-honored tradition in Santa Clara from 1945-1995. Generations of Santa Clarans have participated in the Santa Clara Parade of Champion or as spectators cheering on the marching bands, the spirit squads and waving at the float participants. It truly was a time that perpetuated community involvement. The Parade of Champions will be coming back to the City of Santa Clara in the fall and it will be once again a time of the community coming together as one and showing a strong sense of community spirit. Resolution #19-21 Support Parade of Champions

Approval of 2018-2019 Unaudited Actuals

The purpose of the agenda item is to request Board review and approval of the 2018-2019 Unaudited Actuals Financial Report. The 2018-2019 Unaudited Actuals is the financial summary of operations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019. The 2019-2020 Budget in the report represents the Adopted Budget as approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2019 with the beginning balances changed to agree to the 2018-2019 ending balances in the fund balance section. 2018-2019 Unaudited Actuals Presentation

Report on Santa Clara Adult Education

Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD), Adult Education provides adult students with multiple pathways to engage in learning and promote success in life. SCUSD Adult Education provides a wide range of educational services, not readily offered in the community, to students who desire to return to school. Classes include instructional programs, such as High School Diploma, English as a Second Language and Career Technical Education courses, as well as engaging enrichment and fitness courses such as Beginning Piano, Painting and Drawing, Water Exercise and Yoga. SCUSD Adult Education affords students educational and career opportunities that best equip them with the knowledge and skills required to participate effectively as citizens, parents, workers and community members. 

This report provides an update on the SCUSD Adult Education Program as well as informs of the board of the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education’s (SBCAE) 3 Year Regional Plan. Five years ago SCUSD Adult Education joined with four adult schools and two community college districts to form SBCAE. In March 2015, SBCAE produced a comprehensive three-year regional plan to guide efforts. The three-year SBCAE regional plan was updated in July 2019 and is attached to this report for review. SCUSD Adult Ed Board Presentation and SCUSD Adult Ed Executive Summary

Discussion of Options to Opening the New Elementary and Middle Schools at Agnews

The Board of Trustees previously discussed the unforeseen circumstances that have created a delay in the construction timeline to complete the first four buildings at the elementary and middle school campuses at the Agnews site. During the discussion, staff presented alternatives to address the delay, which included constructing a temporary school on the Agnews property and the option to delay opening until August 2021. While all possibilities are less than ideal, it was recognized that moving students from another campus mid-year was too disruptive. 

Staff are preparing a plan along with cost estimates to build the temporary school to present for the Board’s consideration. Information will be presented to the Board at this meeting to further explore the benefits and drawbacks of opening in temporary facilities or delaying until next fall.

Reasons for the delay and the likely alternatives to opening will need to be communicated to the future school communities, as well. Meetings with affected families from the Agnews feeder schools are planned for September 18, 19, and 25. Agnews Schedule Discussion and Agnews Campus Opening Webpage

Process and Timeline for Naming the New Schools on the Agnews Campus

In preparation for the opening of three new schools on the Agnews site, the Board of Trustees discussed and provided feedback on (1) the creation and composition of an ad hoc committee and (2) the process to name the elementary, middle, and high schools. 

The process shall include community engagement strategies and the formation of a committee to research, review, and submit recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the names of the three new school sites. Submit Your School Name Ideas!