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Chinese Philosophy Focused Artwork at Buchser

Jonathan Dune’s 7th grade social studies class from the 2018-2019 school year is currently displaying inspirational artwork at Buchser focused on Chinese philosophy. Specifically Lao Tzu and the ancient Tao Te Ching text. 

The project began with the textbook entry on Daoism and led to background research from various sources. The final product was based on listening to some of the Tao Te Ching from Youtube and watching a "School of Life" video on Lao Tzu. According to Dune, the students were really drawn to the School of Life video, especially the parts about the stresses of life and concerns about how one appears to others. 

“The assignment was pretty simple,” said Dune. “Explain the meaning of the Lao Tzu quote they picked, connect the quote to modern life, and insert some background info from another source. I was amazed by the care they took, the depth of thought, and the quality of the writing, presumably because it was personally meaningful.”

We hope to see the artwork display at the District office sometime in the near future.