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Solar Students

August 2019

For the past two years, Mission College’s HSI-STEM (Hispanic Serving Institute-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program has funded a week-long summer camp for underprivileged students. This year, SCUSD students joined East Side Union High School District students in the program. 

The students are taught how to build solar suitcases and they learn about energy, solar power, watts, voltage, and more. The program gives students a first glimpse of how a STEM career can make a difference. In the past, the solar suitcases have been used in places like Puerto Rico, South America, and Kenya. 

At the end of the program, students showcased the finished products for their families during a special dinner event. In addition, they each received a certificate from their State representatives and signed the suitcases before they were sent to third world nations.