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Young Journalists Takeover KQED

During the months of April and May, students from English teacher and Journalism Advisor Bob Ansaldo’s class at Santa Clara High School participated in the Youth Takeover of KQED News.

The Youth Takeover is an initiative started by KQED to amplify youth voice and give young people the opportunity to report on issues that affect them. This year,  27 student-produced audio stories, from 10 Bay Area high schools, were aired. These stories were featured on KQED shows including Perspectives, The California Report, B-Segment, Forum, Bay Curious and more. 

“The hard work and commitment demonstrated by your teacher and students is commendable and reflected in the stories,” said Partnerships and Distribution Specialist Misty McKinney from KQED. “These young people speak with depth and intelligence, heart and hope. Congratulations to Mr. Bob Ansaldo and his students. The students have been hard at work pitching, producing and reporting on stories.”

Listen to the inspiring stories from Melina Kritikopoulos, Samantha Aide, Emily Harvie, and Chariah Williams on the KQED website. You can also read Arella Tarapan’s heartfelt perspectives piece on body image on the KQED website, watch Kiera O’Hara-Heinz on the Bay Curious podcast “Unwrapping the Bay Area Origins of the Fortune Cookies,” and read Vincent Nguyen’s story, “‘I’m Always Tired.’ Navigating High School on Barely any Sleep.”

Great work everyone, congratulations!