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Student-run News Show Steals the Spotlight

An innovative new program at Central Park is helping students to spread the word about what’s happening across the campus and build community spirit. Chameleoncast is a student-run, daily news show that serves to communicate about upcoming events, special activities, after-school program announcements and more. 

Named after the school’s chameleon mascot, the show features special guests like Principal Kamstra,  teachers, and students. Recently, Chameleoncast reporters have been visiting classrooms to capture and share what is happening to build community throughout the school — they even made a special appearance at the districts 1st Annual STEAM Expo.

“Having the newscast has given the students 21st-century skills to help them be productive and responsible citizens in society,” said teacher Jennifer Zeitler. 

The show is run by the fifth-graders. After students see the script, they do editing by making suggestions about what they want to add and change. They decide who gets assigned to say what, do a run through, and then the show is recorded using an app called Touchcast. Once edited, a link is shared with all staff via Google Drive and another episode of Chameloencast is ready to air. Each classroom is able to tune into Chameleoncast every Monday through Friday morning.

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