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Student Advances to National Spelling Bee

Every year thousands of students across the country compete in school spelling bees, hoping to win a spot in the National Championship in Washington DC. This year — after winning the Don Callejon spelling bee and other local and state level bees — Soham Kulkarni did it!

It all began at Don Callejon when Kulkarni correctly spelled the word “faction.” His hard work, dedication, and perseverance took him the rest of the way to the National Spelling Bee on May 28-30, 2019. Kulkarni’s classmates cheered him on at viewing parties each morning in Ms. Uyeda’s homeroom.

“He is a dedicated student who is an excellent writer, competes in sports, and performed in the school talent show,” said 6th grade teacher Ms. Uyeda. “He’s an overall well rounded, good citizen.”

Kulkarni cleared the second round and, unfortunately, was eliminated in the third round. Congratulations on making it so far Soham, we are proud of you!