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Mobile Dairy Classroom Visits Hughes

Hughes Elementary School students got a visit from the Dairy Council of California’s Mobile Dairy Classroom on April 26.

“It was an incredibly interactive and engaging experience learning about the five food groups, dairy cows, the products we enjoy that come from milk, and gaining a deeper appreciation for California’s dairy farmers,” said Principal Joe Young.

Students had the pleasure of learning from Brandon Roberts, the Dairy Council instructor and meeting Buttercup, the four-year-old dairy cow. Did you know that cows become adults by the age of 1 and that cows can have babies at the age of two? At the end of the assembly, students excitedly lined up to pet Oreo, the two-month-old calf.

“It was truly an incredible experience for students and staff at Hughes,” said Young. “How many times do you get to see a cow on a school campus?”