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Environmental Changes Inspire Art

On April 11, 9th and 10th graders at New Valley High School visited Santa Clara University and Auditorium of the Community Recreation Center to participate in some environmentally inspired activities. The visit was hosted by the Santa Clara Cultural Commission and led by local artist Martin Taylor.

The goal of the activities was to help connect civic engagement with environmental issues. Students got to see Taylor’s unfinished Re-cyclone sculpture first-hand and marvel at the 20-foot cyclone-like creation made from over 5,000 used plastic water bottles. Now finished, the art installation is assembled with LEDs to create mesmerizing light patterns. Check out the sculpture at Santa Clara University from April 15 through June 15.

During the visit, students learned about a local collaborative effort between the City of Santa Clara’s Cultural Commission and Santa Clara University’s SCU Presents, to create awareness around environmental challenges stemming from our social dependence on using plastic bottles.

The Re-Cyclone sculpture is a prime example of a modern art STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) project. It addresses many key areas in the field such as environmental science, video game processor technology, structural engineering, artistic design, creative use of recycled materials, and mathematic formulas to achieve balance.

The trip culminated with an art recycling project of another kind, where students used cardboard boxes to create a 3-D mural.

Big thanks to Santa Clara University and to Martin Taylor for teaching our students about the importance of environmental awareness.