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Carl Smith Recognized as one of America’s Favorite Crossing Guards

Sutter Elementary School’s crossing guard, Carl Smith, is a familiar face throughout the community as he greets students and families every morning and afternoon to help them safely on their travels.

Always wearing a smile, Smith dashes out with his stop sign and whistle to help “his kids” cross the street in front of the school. It’s not enough for Carl to just keep the kids safe. “I like to get to know my families so they know I’m more than a face,” he explains as he waves and says hello to a passing driver. The school staff say he’s their favorite way to start the day. The students know he’s one of those special adults they can talk to because he genuinely cares. Even the city knows they have an extraordinary crossing guard.

Smith was nominated to become America’s Best Crossing Guard by Sutter Elementary and after all nationwide votes were cast, he came in an impressive 10th in the Nation. However, in the eyes of Sutter Elementary, he will always be number one! Smith will be recognized for his passion and dedication to his job at an upcoming board meeting on April 11.

“Congratulations Carl,” Principal Fong told Carl. “You deserve this.”