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Wilcox Students Tour Tesla

The students from Mr. Antolin’s Automotive 1 and 2 classes toured the Tesla factory in Fremont on March 12 to gain a better understanding of the overall production process of Tesla vehicles.

Students were fascinated to learn that Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles all begin as flat sheets of aluminum that are shaped by gigantic presses and then systematically assembled by a combination of robots and humans. They watched as robots and workers welded, glued and riveted body panels and sub-frames together. Unfortunately, battery packs and motors are assembled in secure areas and not open to tours, but students did get to watch as giant robots, with names like Hercules, lifted the car bodies from one level to another as the multi-level assembly line traveled at ground level and overhead.

Tesla purchased the facility in 2010 and extensively remodeled it before the first Model S rolled off the line in June 2012. With a workforce of more than 100,000 employees, Tesla is one of the largest manufacturing employers in California. Wilcox students were able to observe the duties of assembly line workers, robot service technicians, office staff, and engineers as part of their career exploration curriculum.

Much appreciation to Tesla for allowing our students to experience a fascinating day in the life of a Tesla employee.