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Wilcox Senior Displays Work at 2019 Art Now Juried Visual Arts Exhibition

Congratulations to Wilcox senior Alondra Diaz for her acceptance into the 2019 Art Now Juried Visual Arts Exhibition at the New Museum in Los Gatos. She was one of 77 students accepted, out of over 900 submissions throughout Santa Clara County. This year’s theme was "DARE."  Diaz submitted a self-portrait entitled "Death of Patience" created in graphite pencil and colored pencil.

"I utilized the elements of value and color to portray my representation of "DARE," Diaz wrote in her artist statement about the piece. “The transition of colors, peach to red, convey the progression of anger. Value was used to depict an angry expression on the woman's face. The woman in the piece finally developed the courage to dare herself to confront the person, thing or situation that may have frustrated her because she lost her patience. The woman expresses her frustration by yelling at the source of her anger.”

The show will be displayed through May 5, along with a fabulous display of artwork so don’t miss the chance to visit and show your support.