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Buchser Student Named One of Five Finalists Nationwide

Buchser student Amelia Tai was recently named as one of five finalists selected nationwide by Wonder Media for a character she created to enter into the Create-Your-Own Character Contest.

Using drawing, photos, and images, students were asked to provide details about what their character looks like, including clothing style, ethnicity, hairstyle, height, body type, eyes — basically as much detail as possible. In addition, applicants were asked to provide a backstory for the character by writing a compelling bio full of hopes, family, fears, strengths, and flaws to illustrate what lies under their character’s surface.

The character that Tai created, Ashlen Foster, is an independent, quiet, shy student who yearns to make new friends and do new things, but feels held back by the fact that she is slightly deaf and wears a hearing aid. While Tai is not a deaf or hard of hearing student herself, according to special education teacher Heidi Knutson, she was inspired by the deaf and hard of hearing students at Bucher.   

You can read all about Ashlen and her backstory on the Wonder Media website and, if you like what you see, don’t forget to vote while you are visiting.