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Wilcox Student Makes it to South Bay Teen Idol Finals

Congratulations to Wilcox student Julia Cook for making it to the TOP 10 of the South Bay Teen Idol Finals! Finalists get to rehearse with professional vocal coaches and choreographers while enjoying the chance to bond with their fellow participants who share similar interests. At the finals, the judges choose the top 3 contestants and then the audience votes for its favorite. The first-place winner receives a $2,500 prize, as well as a donation of $500 to the winner’s school. The second and third place winners also receive prizes.

We chatted with Julia about what got her interested in singing and why she’s so passionate about it. You can read her interview below:

How old were you when you started singing?

I always liked singing. When I was younger I was in musical theater in the plays at Washington Open Elementary School and at Roberta Jones Junior Theater. When I was in fourth grade, I started taking singing lessons at the Smirnov Music School, because before starting to sing I had been inspired by many pop stars including Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. I remember being excited about the fact that I could one day sing like her. I now sing both classical and pop music.

How did it make you feel to make it to the finals?

When I made it into the Finals, I felt happy, particularly because last year I only made it into the Semi-Finals. I was also, though, a little worried about the time it would take to practice and attend rehearsals as I am busy with schoolwork other extracurricular activities. I am enjoying, though, getting to know the other contestants and having the experience of being on stage. All of the contestants perform two numbers together as a show choir as well as our individual songs. For the finals, I am singing “Midnight Train to Georgia.” I also like the opportunity to work with the vocal coach, choreographer, and fashion consultant that are provided by the competition.

Have you won any other awards?

I’ve never won first prize at a singing competition, but I won third place at the U.S. International Music Competition and an Honorable Mention at the Hal Leonard Vocal Competition.

Do you act and dance as well?

I don’t do musical theater anymore because I don’t have time (sorry to Ms. Robson, my English teacher who also teaches theater) but I do 5.5 hours of dance every week at Tude’s School of Dance where I am a member of the Rhythmic Movements dance troop. Also, last week, I danced at Wilcox High School’s Fantastics which was a battle of the classes. I danced with my sophomore class, and we won the dance portion of the competition!

What's your favorite thing about singing?

Singing lets me express myself in a way that no other activity allows me to do as I tend to be a shy person to new people. It allows me to open up to new experiences.

Do you think singing encourages confidence or any other positive traits?

My performances in singing have given me the confidence to get in front of audiences that may help me give presentations at school because I don’t get stage fright too much.

Wishing Julia good luck from all of us here at Santa Clara Unified! Stay tuned for an update next month as to how she does during the finals.

Check out a Video of Julia performing at South Bay Teen Idol below.