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FlexFactor Encourages Innovation through Project-Based Learning

On December 11, at the FlexFactor semester one finals at San Jose City College, a Wilcox team of Ishu Agrawal and Rahul Ganesh finished in second place out of the 8 teams that presented that night. Isaac Passett and Aaron Abinsay were also on the team but could not present that night.

Also representing Wilcox at the event was a team consisting of Priscilla Tran, Pratinav Sharma, Dheer Suthar, Allen Loomis, and Ngoc Le. Teams from Leigh, Branham, Westmont and Lincoln high schools were represented at the event.  

FlexFactor is a month-long program that exposes students to the vast range of professional opportunities within advanced manufacturing and innovation. This project-based learning approach is integrated into an existing classroom, regardless of subject, providing a complementary learning structure to support existing learning objectives. Small teams of students identify a human health or performance-related problem, conceptualize a flexible hybrid electronic device to solve it and package their concept into a viable business model.