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Wilcox Students Take Home Wins at Financial Advisor Contest

After weeks of preparation, on December 4 seven students from Anthony Raffetto’s business classes at Wilcox High School participated in the Financial Advisor Contest. The event was sponsored by the California Council on Economic Education and was held at the Los Angeles Branch of the San Francisco Federal Reserve.

Participation in the contest comprised of three parts:

  1. A qualifying team score on a written test.
  2. A presentation of a financial plan for a given family scenario which included investment options.
  3. A high energy quiz bowl.

Sixteen teams from nine schools across the state participated in two waves. Team “No Taxes” — Ishu Agrawal, Shefali Gupta, and Shaunak Kale — took first place in Wave 1. Team “Alpha Lambda” — Johan Basnet, Ashvin Kumaran, Joshua Lin, and Benjamin Shlemis —  took second place in Wave 2. Collectively the teams won a cash award of $2500.

Congratulations to these dedicated students and their talented teacher!