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SCUSD Schools Collaborate with Filipino Educators

On November 16, 19 and 20, The Teachers Gallery (TTG) educators from the Philippines visited Santa Clara Unified school sites. This group of administrators, teachers, and university faculty were interested in the educational culture in the United States and specifically the inclusion of students with special needs. They have visited several states and districts with their main focus on inclusion.

The global initiative for TTG is to inspire educators in the Philippines to become inclusive of all students but particularly those who have not received support or services due to their disabilities. The group was amazed at what they found in our district. On their visit to Braly Elementary, Bracher Elementary, Buchser Middle, Cabrillo Middle, Wilson High, and Wilcox High, they witnessed many exceptional examples of support for students with special needs, inclusion in classroom activities, general education, and special education strategies. In addition, the visitors saw welcoming and engaging opportunities between principals and staff, and the many kinds of students they serve. The visit also allowed the SCUSD team to learn more about the Filipino culture and educational system.

“They asked many questions, and we provided ideas and new concepts on support and understanding,” said Rose Du Mond, Special Education Coordinator.

The culminating event — a delicious Thanksgiving feast — was hosted by the students from the Wilcox Life Skills classes, who prepared and decorated for the event within the classes taught by Amy Magagna, Cecile Cummings, Marc Gish, and Joycelyn Flores.

“We hope to continue to be collaborators in the future to provide knowledge and best practices around Inclusion and expand global connections for SCUSD,” said Du Mond.