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Mission City Church Donates over 500 Turkeys to SCUSD Families

Huge thanks to Mission City Church and their community for donating over 500 turkeys to our schools over Thanksgiving this year. Pomeroy Elementary School received around 293 turkeys, Briarwood 127, and the Family Resource Center around 82. These generous donations helped many families to enjoy a festive Thanksgiving.

This giveaway was the fourth and most successful year that Mission City Church has been providing Turkeys to families in our district and we are extremely grateful. This is the second year that the Living Legends Baseball program has partnered with Mission City Church on this event. In order to meet the growing needs of the District, this year, Mission City Church’s partnerships expanded to include Santa Clara Grocery Outlet, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Cuts with Dang, exceeding Lead Pastor John Caravalho’s goal of 400 Turkeys.

Caravalho says, “Mission City Church is working on a number of partnerships to help families of Pomeroy Elementary School, and the Santa Clara Unified School District’s Title I schools, bridge the financial challenges many hard-working families experience here in Santa Clara.”

In 2019, Mission City Church hope to open a Tutorial Center, to help our district’s families with tutoring for their children. In addition, they are working on a plan to create a laundry facility that will be dedicated to homeless families, whose children attend Pomeroy Elementary School.

We appreciate your support and dedication to our students and the community and look forward to what’s to come.