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NVIDIA Partnership Blossoms at The Farm

Big thanks go out to the NVIDIA Foundation for their generous donation of $1,500, allowing us to give away 300 free pumpkins from our Pumpkin Patch to students from our Title I schools (schools serving a high number of economically disadvantaged families). The give away was a great success and much appreciated by families across the District.

Transitional kindergarten teacher Laurel Villar wrote to NVIDIA to express her gratitude to them for their generous contribution. She told them how their offer of pumpkins encouraged her to take her sons to The Farm for the first time where she bumped into one of the shyest students in her class. The interaction with him and his family had a larger than expected impact when much to her delight, “On Monday morning that same student actually made eye contact and waved at me when I said good morning to him for the first time ever,” said Villar.

Our partnership with NVIDIA has helped increase equitable access for our economically diverse community members, who are better able to take advantage of the celebratory community space NVIDIA helped to create at The Farm.  

Thank you for helping to launch SCUSD's first annual pumpkin patch and for bringing other resources to our socioeconomically disadvantaged families.