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Cultural Diversity Shines at Laurelwood

Laurelwood Elementary School's Fourth Annual Multicultural Festival was held on the afternoon of October 19. There were colorful booths dotting Kensington Field from over fifteen countries including India, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Turkey, China, and France.

PTA parents planned the events and staffed the booths. Students were given mini-passports to stamp along their JOURNEY through the multicultural booths and received a treat at the end of the afternoon upon completing their passport! Booths held a variety of cultural information, food from other countries, games, and activities.

Response to the event was overwhelmingly positive as evidenced by the large community turnout of parents, grandparents, former students, and their parents. Hundreds of culturally attired children from dozens of nations shared their culture with the community.

“This yearly event fosters our sense of community and school spirit through learning and experiencing some of the most cherished aspects of another culture and celebrating the diversity that makes our school unique,” said Principal Rogers proudly.