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Random acts of Kindness at Don Callejon

Don Callejon students and staff got a big surprise on September 25 when 49ers players showed up at the school as part of their new campaign, Acts of Kindness.

Number 62, Erik Magnuson an offensive lineman, and number 13, Ritchie James Jr a wide receiver, rushed the classroom handing out flowers and treats and taking pictures with students and staff making it a day to remember. Don Callejon was one of only 49 schools selected for this fun visit and according to teacher Alice Williams, one of the reasons the school was chosen was their enthusiastic participation with the 49ers Jr Training Camp and Jr Rush Run.

“It was a kind, generous last-minute opportunity,” said Williams.

The premise behind the campaign is that throughout the season, players and staff will complete 49 random acts of kindness that will be shared via 49ers Social. Fans are encouraged to post their own acts of kindness using #49Acts to be entered to win a gift card.