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Investing in the Future Prosperity of Silicon Valley

Profile of All Spectrum Insurance Brokers

While Silicon Valley is home to the worldwide headquarters of many large corporations, it is the small businesses that comprise the majority of businesses in the Santa Clara Unified community. All Spectrum Insurance Brokers is one of those small businesses, and their 15 employees were seeking ways to provide a big impact in the community.

“Our company had a desire to partner with an organization for some time and had not found the right fit. Then we found SCUSD,” said Dmitriy Lazarev, Principal and President of All Spectrum Insurance Brokers. “We really wanted to give back to the community, something that involves education and kids because we strongly believe in education and the next generation.” Lazarev also explained that the employees wanted to do more than donate money — they wanted to serve in a way that they could see the impact.

Meanwhile, Scott Lane State Preschool was in need of a new fence, turf area, picnic area, and overall sprucing up. When Lazarev contacted Steve Neese, Partnerships Manager for SCUSD, Neese saw an opportunity to intersect All Spectrum Insurance Brokers employees’ desire to serve with meeting the preschool’s needs. “Santa Clara Unified School District is grateful for investments of both time and treasure.  When local businesses provide financial and volunteer support they are helping to improve the learning environments that students need to be successful,” said Neese.

Earlier this summer, Lazarev and his team worked together with the preschool staff to install new fence blinders, put together donated picnic tables, paint a new wooden fence, remove debris from the outdoor area, and decorate a mechanical enclosure cage to make it look more attractive.

“This was our first community service project and it was positive on all fronts because it was a team building event and was motivating for our staff,” said Lazarev. “They have a sense of ownership and reward for the service and time they provided to this preschool school. We want to continue to find ways to help the SCUSD students and schools in the future.”

Lazarev said that he was also grateful for the ways in which the district guided his business through the process of preparing for the service day, which he found very helpful. “As a smaller business, our time and resources are limited, and we were looking for an organization that would help facilitate the process for us,” said Lazarev. “The district matched our unique community goals, timeline, and budget with a preschool partner in need of outside resources.  The district also co-created a high-quality volunteer experience for our group by providing us with a single point of contact, including walking us through the logistics for a volunteer day, organizing a site visit, and helping the site staff manage the day's activities. This ensured that our volunteers were able to stay on task and enjoy their time giving back to the community,” he continued.

“More small businesses should give back to the community,” said Lazarev. “There are so many businesses in the Silicon Valley. A few hours per month or quarter spent on a community project will pay back. We have to invest in kids and education if we want Silicon Valley to prosper.”

For more information about partnership opportunities with Santa Clara Unified School District, please contact Partnerships Manager Steven Neese at or (408) 423-2269.