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Wilcox Student Wins $5,000 Scholarship

On May 3, Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) announced the winners of their inaugural PAYBACK Challenge. We are proud to share that Kim Ngo from Wilcox High School was one of the 10 national winners selected from over 500 essays receiving $5,000 to be used for educational purposes.

After playing the award-winning game, PAYBACK, students wrote a 250-word essay based on this very relevant prompt:

"How could you use the online game, PAYBACK, to have a conversation with your parent/guardian about paying for college?"  

The essay was based on the Wilcox senior Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) classes playing the game "Time for Payback" and discussing how their experience with the game would help them think about paying for and discussing college with their families.

Here is a brief excerpt from Kim’s essay:

"College is a game. Year after year, countless students and parents pay to play only to be beat by the system. They've trained long and hard, but only for Level 1: Getting In."  

Congratulations, Kim! What an admirable achievement.