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Celebrating Top EdTech Users

March 2023

Each month we celebrate staff who are top users of EdTech apps to support student learning. Congratulations to our January innovative EdTech Celebrations honorees, Johnny Reyna from New Valley High School, for his use of WeVideo, and Amber Wacht from Peterson Middle School for her use of EdPuzzle. 

WeVideo is a video creation and editing tool. Johnny Reyna, CTE Arts, Media, and Entertainment Teacher from New Valley High School, uses WeVideo to help his students learn to edit and create professional video content. They use the stock footage within the tool, learn about the different video angles and shots, and create videos while keeping their clients at the center.

EdPuzzle is a platform for Teachers and Students that allows them to use youtube or other video content and layer questions to support understanding. Amber Wacht, 6th grade teacher from Peterson Middle School, demonstrates a new use with her students. Typically a teacher takes a video and adds the questions; in this lesson, her students use EdPuzzle to create their own questions for content-related videos, and then other students answer them. This allows the students to learn from the videos while focusing on designing questions and understanding the main points of the video.