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Statement on Recent National Shootings

Dear Santa Clara Unified School District Community,

I write to you today as we process yet another senseless incident of violence which has impacted our nation and communities. The school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that has taken the life of 18 elementary students and a teacher is horrifying. This comes on top of the racially motivated shootings in Buffalo, New York and Laguna Hills, California. Our hearts break as we consider the loss and impact that these incidents have had on schools, families, and communities. 

While the recent incidents have occurred outside of our area, they can cause common responses of stress, fear, and discouragement. To help process this difficult information, we would like to provide you with the below resources to support your own health and well-being. Additionally, for those of us who support children, we may find ourselves assisting children who have questions or concerns processing these traumatizing events.

We want our students, alumni, families, employees, and community partners to know that student safety continues to be a priority. The district exercises a variety of safety precautions, which include: 

  • Our schools and local law enforcement partners actively practice lockdown drills in case of an intruder or outside threat
  • Volunteers and visitors must enter and sign in at the front door
  • Fingerprinting and background checks are completed for all prospective employees 
  • Building administrators and police are able to view video surveillance by connecting to the district's security camera system 
  • High schools have campus security personnel
  • District encourages employees, students, and families to practice “see something, say something” and notify proper authorities if they feel that an individual may pose a threat 
  • District officials and our local law enforcement partners continually work together to identify how we can strengthen our partnership for school and student safety

Below are some community and district resources to help prepare yourself for conversations as well as helpful strategies to support yourself and students who may come to you as a trusted adult. 



Stella M. Kemp, Ed.D.