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Preschool & Before and After School Enrichment Program Interest Form


Family Child Education

Abram Agnew & Dolores Huerta

Before and After School Enrichment Program

  • Homework Support
  • Healthy Breakfast & Snack
  • Small & Large Group Activities

2021-2022 School Year

Abram Agnew: Kinder-2nd Grade Dolores Huerta: 6th Grade

We are surveying interest for the Before and After school program at Abram Agnew & Dolores Huerta, please click on the link below to add your child(ren) to the interest form.


 Family Child Education

Abram Agnew Preschool

Ages: 3 to 5 year olds

Half Day and Full Day Schedules 

  • Research Based Curriculum
  • Experienced Teachers

Healthy Breakfast and Snack

Complete the application to show your interest.