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Social Media Trend Encouraging Violence Toward Staff

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September 29. 2021

Dear Santa Clara Unified community,

Unfortunately, we must contact you for a second time in as many weeks regarding social media trends encouraging students to engage in violence, theft, and destruction at schools. This month’s newest trend is “Slap a Teacher” / “Slap School Staff” and encourages violence toward staff, filming it, and posting it online. 

To be clear, these actions will not be tolerated and there will be serious consequences.

Violations of California Education Code, California Penal Code, and district and school policies could result in: 

  1. Citation by local law enforcement
  2. School consequences, and 
  3. Charges for restitution 

We are asking for the entire Santa Clara Unified community to partner with us to eliminate this behavior on our campuses. We bring this information to our families and community so that you are aware and to ask for your support in addressing this issue with your children. 

If you have any information regarding incidents on our campuses or questions about this matter, please contact any vice principal.