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Map Options for New By-Trustee Area Election System are Ready for Input

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Dear SCUSD community,  

We have an important update in the process to establish a new By-Trustee Area Election System for the selection of the members of the SCUSD Board of Trustees. A demographer has created three map options (see: These map options include equally populated areas and areas of interest. Voters will have the opportunity to select one trustee living in their own area. 

We value your input regarding these proposed maps. Please review these alternative boundaries and complete this survey. We also encourage your participation in public hearings and community meetings (see CVRA homepage, it includes a community meeting tomorrow Wednesday, October 20), where you can provide your feedback about the map options before the Board of Trustees makes a final decision and chooses a map on December 9, 2021. 

We appreciate your feedback and participation in this important process. 


Dr. Stella M. Kemp